A quote from kAnchi periyavar

Ravi Mayavaram msr at REDDY20.TAMU.EDU
Sat Mar 7 12:00:02 CST 1998

"In all that you do, let love be the sole motive. Any deed must be
with reference to another. Action implies the acted upon as much as
the agent. Let action be out of love. I am not here referring to
Gandhian gospel of ahimasa. There may be situations which demand
violent action. Punishment, for instance, may be necessary. Even wars
may have to be waged. But whatever be the nature of the action, agent
must act out of love. Passions such as desire and hatred, anger and
malice must be eschewed. If love becomes the guiding principle of all
deeds, then most of the ills of the world will vanish."

(Message to the west given by His Holiness Sri Chandrasekarendra
Saraswati Saraswatri Sankaracharya of Kanchi [Tamilnadu-India) in the
year 1958)

My Maths  teacher, mailed this message as a 1995 new year greeting. I
thougt I will share this interesting and eduactive quote with rest of


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