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Mon Mar 9 21:44:39 CST 1998

namaskaaraM Ravi,
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>I think I did not state the question correctly. I am sorry for
>My question is what is the basis for your interpretation of
>OM shaantiH shaantiH shaantiH
>You post does not explain that. Does the words "bodily,
natural and
>supernatural" correspond to the the three planes gross
(stUla), subtle
>(sUkshma) and Causal (kAraNa)?

  I apologize for not understanding your question.
I think I am now confused by the word "basis" which
means "the basic principal or theory, as of a
system of knowledge". In this sense, I would have
to say that the system of knowledge (or the orderly
way of gaining knowledge) of this interpretation
has been a study of "taittiriiya-upaniShad". However,
I think that you are looking for synonyms w/explanations,
but please realize that "knowledge" is the key word
to keep in mind for the scriptures I quoted from.

 For the first "shaantiH" - It is my understanding
from studying with Swaami Dayanaanda that we must
have a means of introduction or initial contact with
this knowledge. This could be "hearing" the knowledge
from a qualified teacher and could also include
"seeing" the knowledge, either through graphic
illustrations or the written word. Of course, you
could also take the word "hearing" for "vibrations",
which could be made by the student as well as the
teacher. This could be in the form of chanting a
mantra, such as the two I quoted from "taittiriiya-
upaniShad". However, a new student would probably
not understand the meanings for the words, but it
would still be an introduction because the vibrations
of the chanting would have an effect on the student,
as well as others hearing this. Since this is all
done in the waking state, but with the organs of
perception (the ear and eyes), I would say that the
first "shaantiH" corresponds more with the subtle state.

(To be continued tomorrow. . .)

OM shaantiH shaantiH shaantiH


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