Meditation on "Bliss of Brahman", Pt. 3

Sun Mar 15 18:12:41 CST 1998

sarvebhyo namaH,
  This is Part 3 of "Meditation on
'Bliss of Brahman'":

 athavaa kR^itakR^ityo.api
lokaanugrahakaabhyayaa |
 shaastriiyeNaiva maargeNa varte.ahaM
kaa mama kShatiH ||

 OR, there is no harm if I engage myself
in doing good to the world following
the scriptural injunctions even though
I have obtained all that was to be
obtained. (55/268)

vartataaM vapuH |
 taaraM japatu vaaktadvatpaThatvaam-
naayamastakam.h ||

 Let my body worship God, take bath,
preserve cleanliness or beg for alms. Let
my mind recite "AUM" or study the upaniShads.
(56/269) (AUM is the saving mantra and the
upaniShads are the head of the Scriptures.)

 viShNuM dhyaayatu dhiiryadvaa brahmaanande
viliiyataam.h |
 saakShyahaM ki~nchidapyatra na kurve naapi
kaaraye ||

 Let my intellect meditate on ViShNu or be
merged in the Bliss of Brahman, I am the
witness  of all. I do nothing nor cause
anything to be done. (57/270)

 kR^itakR^ityatayaa tR^iptaH praatapraapya-
tayaa punaH |
 tR^ipyannevaM svamanasaa manyate.asau
nirantasam.h ||

 As he (a wise person) has achieved all that
was to be achieved, and nothing else remains
for him to do, he feels satisfied and always
thinks thus: (58/291)

 dhanyo.ahaM dhanyo.ahaM nityaM
svaatmaanama~njasaa vedmi |
 dhanyo.ahaM dhanyo.ahaM brahmaanando
vibhaati me spaShTam.h ||

 Blessed am I, blessed, for I have the
constant vision of my Self! Blessed am I,
blessed, for the bliss of Brahman shines
clearly to me! (58/292)

(To be continued . . . )

OM shaantiH shaantiH shaantiH


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