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>On Thu, 18 Mar 1998, Chandran, Nanda (NBC) wrote:
>> Can somebody give me some background on this text? From Swami
>> Vishwarupananda's postings I can make out that the dialogues are between
>> Lord Rama and Sage Vasishta. So is it a part of Ramayana, like the Gita
>> is a part of the Mahabharatha? If so, Is it considered a Smriti?

Yoga VashisshTa - is a very large text - runs into many volumes.  I am not
sure complete text is avialable as one volume any where.  There are several
abridged versions of the text.  Chinmaya Mission also provides a very short
abridged version of the text without commentary. Adio cassets of the Swami
Tejomayanada discourse on yoga vasishTa is available through Chinmaya
Mission for those who are interested.

The original composition of Yoga VashisshTa might have been written in the
11 th or 12th century - I am not sure if there is any conseses as to who
was the original author.  There are lot of speculative theories.  If any
one has better information,  I like to hear.

Hari OM!

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