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>Yoga VashisshTa - is a very large text - runs into many volumes.  I am not
>sure complete text is avialable as one volume any where.

I have the full translation in English. It is a very old book and I don't
know whether it has been reprinted. It was published by an individual,
Vidvan Bulusu Venkateswarulu. The first edition was printed in kakinada in
1985. I'm not sure there were further editions. I found these volumes in the
out of print books collection of Motilal Banarsidass at their shop in Delhi.
But, I think some libraries should be having such works. Giri told me he had
seen one. I'm no more sure whether that was in US or India.

>The original composition of Yoga VashisshTa might have been written in the
>11 th or 12th century - I am not sure if there is any conseses as to who
>was the original author.  There are lot of speculative theories.  If any
>one has better information,  I like to hear.

In the introduction of the above translation it says:
"It is said in the text of Yoga Vasishtha itselfk that the author of the
book is sage Valmiki, the first of the poets. The famouns Valmiki Ramayana,
the first poetical piece after creation is important for its story. It is
'Kathopaya' and this second work of the same poet is "Mokshopaya', th eeasy
path to salvation. It is in the form of a dialogue between Rama and
Vashishtha, the most ideal disciple and the most ideal spiritual teacher."
"The broad outline of the story of Yoga Vasishtha is this: A certain pious
brahmin Suteekshna, an aspirant too eager to know the Truth, the ideal of
every human bieng, goes to the all-effulgent sage of spiritual perfection
Agasti or Agastya for getting his doubts cleared. Agastya tells him the
story of Karunya and Agnivesya. Agnivesya tells Karunya the story of Suruchi
a heavenly nymph and Devaduta, the divine messenger. Devaduta tells Suruchi
the story of King Arishtanemi and sage Valmiki. Valmiki tells the story of
Rama and Vasishtha, whose teachings to Rama form the main subject of Yoga
Vasishtha. Valmiki incidentally tells the story of himself and his dosciple
Bharadwaja, to whom the book is first taught. This incorporation of story
within story is the speciality fo the book. It has about fifty five stories
of great spiritual significance.

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