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My name is Seshatre Natarajan and i have just started on my graduate
program in chemical engineering at Purdue University. I came to know of
the Advaita mailing list from my roommates here at Purdue who are also
members. I strongly beleive in the Advaita principle and have read a few
of Adi Sankara's and Paramacharya's works. Iam also interested in reading
and practicing the Bakthi marga through Naamasankirthan propounded by
many saints.
I hope to gain a lot of knowledge and insight into Advaita by joining this

Thanks for including me in the list



                              Seshatre Natarajan

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West Lafayette                             Purdue University, W Lafayette
Indiana 47906-2861,USA.                    Indiana 47907-1283, USA.
Ph : 765-743-4474                          Ph : 765-496-2707,765-494-4055

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"bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam"
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