When Lord Yama knocks one's door!

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Ravisankar wrote :

If I compromise and do only 28 gAyatrI's instead of 108 (or more) because
of some official deadline and not willing to compromise on my sleep then
 at least during the day I should remember to inwardly pray whenever
possible. For abandonding religious duty for a secular duty is keeping
priorities wrong and that is what many do.
Death is a reminder of impermanence, and it need not feared.  Faith in God
and spiritual effort (even little bit) will eventually will save one from
the great fear (trAyate mahato bhayat, as Rama pointed out).


Namaskar all,

Raviji, I have one further question. Why should I seek God ? I know about
the argument that the jiva enjoys the fruits of this life and the ones to
come, and thinks that this life is the only truth. But what is it that
makes me want God. Isn't that a very personal discovery ? For example, I
personally feel like becoming a Sannyasi sometimes (not because I want to
run from my responsibilities) because I think that it is a delusion that we
can make much difference to someone else's happiness or misery. The most we
can do is feel personal satisfaction in having been instrumental in adding
to a person's happiness. But that is a delusion. Life always finds a way to
adjust. So what should I do. I want to seek the supreme truth. When do I
know that I should go for it ? because then again, duties are duties.


"bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam"
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