When Lord Yama knocks one's door!

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On Mon, 11 Jan 1999, Ashish Chandra wrote:

namaste Ashishji
> Raviji, I have one further question. Why should I seek God ? I know about

We all seek God whether we know it or not. I think the question
is "Why do I seek God?". brahman is sat-chit-Ananda. He is
unalloyed bliss. We all seek happiness, but in the duality of
pleasure and pain. In that case, pain becomes and interval
between pleasures and moments of indifference. But our innate
nature is Joy. When the limitation of avidyA is removed from the
jIvA, the Atman (which is same as brahman) shines forth. Unlike
the jIvA (who is controlled by avidyA), Ishwara who is the saguNa
brahman is the controller of mAyA. When we seek HIM, we are
seeking the joy of brahman.

Prayer or pUjA is an earnest effort to cleanse oneself. It is
prescribed as duty because it is for our welfare only. When it is
done without the desire for fruits, it makes us pure and awakens
our intuition, thereby we can perceive our inner nature.

> come, and thinks that this life is the only truth. But what is it that
> makes me want God. Isn't that a very personal discovery ? For example, I

The above answer I think holds good for what makes us want God.
It is indeed appropriate for us to seek our natural state and to
discard the cloak called avidyA.

May be others can correct me.

Thank you.


"bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam"
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