On Aparna

Dr. S.R.Marur smarur at EASI.SOFT.NET
Fri Jun 4 01:51:26 CDT 1999

On Tue, 1 Jun 1999, Ravi wrote:

>Comparison of ambaaL's palm to a tender leaf has an
>interesting connection. As umA when She was meditating on
>Lord shiva to marry Him, at one stage, She ate with what Her
>hands alone can hold. Traditionally people eat from leaf
>(like plaintain leaves), hence She was called aparNa. Since
>Her palms are like a tender leaf, there was no need for
>another leaf.

As ambAl, during Her penance to marry IshvarA, did *NOT*
eat even the leaves - 'a + parna', she is called Aparna.


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