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> As ambAl, during Her penance to marry IshvarA, did *NOT*
> eat even the leaves - 'a + parna', she is called Aparna.
>     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
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The name aparNa the way you have split it, means leafless. The
interpretation She did not even eat leaves when performing penance as
pArvatI comes form kALidAsa's kumAra sambhavam (according the
commentary on sahasranAmam I have).

My interpretation, that She did not eat on leaves, but ate what Her
hand alone can hold, comes from the folklore I learnt when I was a
child.  I dont think you can challenge that meaning with the split a+
parNa meaning "leafless". In any case, I already gave the reference to
lalitAsahasranAma and saubhAgyabhAskara. This name has many meanings.
For instance,  kaaLika purAnam states, parNa means "to fall" and aparNa
means She who has no fall.

When this is the case, I do not see a big need to use * and ^ embellish
your statement which was already pointed out by Raghavendra. But  I do
thank you for sending your opinion.



AUM shrImAtre namaH
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