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Vaidya Sundaram Vaidya_Sundaram at I2.COM
Fri Jun 4 12:20:01 CDT 1999

 I was reading the vivekachUdAmani and came across a passage where I am not sure
what it means.
 THis is with regard to HH's commentary on verse 426 - He remarks, as matter of
fact that
begin quote:
 When it is said that "He whose mind is given to BrahmavicAra even for a moment,
has bathed in all the holy waters; the whole earth has been gifted away by him;
a thousand sacrifices have been performed by him; all gods have been
propitiated; his ancestors have been rescued from samsAra; he is deserving of
adoration even in the three worlds, " what needs to be affirmed of him who is
always established in Brahman? FOr it is said: Of him whose mind is ever
immeresed in the ocean of knowledge of the supreme Brahman, his lineage has got
purified, his mother has realised her purpose and the earth has been sanctified
by him.
end quote:

  I have seen quotations where the punya of many previous good deeds gets one
started in the pursuit of knowledge of Brahman. This is the first time I am
seeing the reverse being stated. I wonder if  "reverse" good associated with the
pursuit of Brahman knowledge is some thing obvious to list members also ... if
so, can you kindly point it out to me please.
 I was initially wondering if this passage is meant to sort of play a
psychological role to help the sadhaka "feel" good before he/she is deep into
the pursuit of jnAna, when such enticements no longer matter. But that theory
does not quite hold water as this is a comment on verse 426 - well towards the
end of the VivekachUdAmani, indicating a more ingrained truth than mere
enticements ... I hope list members will find the time to address this.

bhava shankara desikame sharaNam

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