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>Those who have not yet realized their true nature are attached
>to desire for continued existence, utterly unable even to truly
>imagine their own end, for even in the imagining, there they
>The one who has realized is no longer so attached, and therefore
>accepts that the jiva has no perduring qualities at all--for it has
>no ontological substance, no essential being, to which they might

Yes... But I would also like to state the following...

When a jiva is liberated, he is definitely not attached to any 'external
object' (anAtmA) he fully well realises that he is only the AtmA which *IS*
a reality nevertheless. AtmA eternally exists without qualities though i.e.
he realises he is not SUnyam like the Buddhistic view point. So, though
after realisation a jiva is NOT *attached* to AtmA he fully realises the
existence part of it.

Even the anAtmA rests only on Brahman but only the ignorance of the
substratum causes bondage!

Please refer Sankara's Bhashyam on B.G (2.16) at

I hope I have understood your question right and done justice to it...

bhava shankara desikame sharaNam


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