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At 07:13 AM 6/6/99 GMT, Rajesh Venkataraman wrote:
>So, though after realisation a jiva is NOT *attached* to AtmA
>he fully realises the existence part of it.

Thank you for your response.

Is it also the case that this realization entails his allowing the
existential self to be what it is without interference--in conse-
quence of which it effortlessly adheres to its dharma and its
kharma is expended?

This does not deprive the jiva of serious and sincere attention
to the details of life and the conduct of right action, but does
eliminate all anxious worry about the outcomes of those details.

The life is simply conducted in accordance with its dharma and
kharma and, in the absence of interference, right action arises as
a matter of course.

Is this a correct view?



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