realized person

Rajesh Venkataraman rajesh_venk at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Jun 7 07:02:10 CDT 1999

> Is it also the case that this realization entails his allowing the
> existential self to be what it is without interference--in conse-
> quence of which it effortlessly adheres to its dharma and its
> kharma is expended?
> This does not deprive the jiva of serious and sincere attention
> to the details of life and the conduct of right action, but does
> eliminate all anxious worry about the outcomes of those details.
> The life is simply conducted in accordance with its dharma and
> kharma and, in the absence of interference, right action arises as
> a matter of course.
> Is this a correct view?

Yes, I think so... All his actions adhere to dharma effortlessly.

Also, as the existential self is only a super imposition on the essential
self, it can never exist independent of the AtmA. Like the rope-snake story,
the object has been correctly identified as a 'rope'  and the long held
misconception that it is a snake has been discarded. The body is no more an


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