shrI lalitAtrishatI bhAShyam.h - 3

Ravi msr at COMCO.COM
Tue Jun 8 18:22:10 CDT 1999

lopAmudrApatiM natva hayagrIvamapIshvaram.h
shrIvidyA rAja saMsiddhi kAri pa.nkaja vIkShaNam.h || 3 ||

I bow to the husband of lopAmudrA, and also to Lord
hayagrIva the glance of whose lotus eyes can confer
perfection in shrI vidyA.

In this verse, Sage agastya is referred as lopAmudrA's
husband. This indicates the greatness of lopAmudrA, who is
considered as one of the foremost devotees of lalitAmbA and
it is revealed in the sahasranAma by the name
lopAmudrArchita (SHE who was worshipped by lopAmudrA). In
the discussion of pUrva pIThikA, we will see that shrI
lalitAmbA Herself praising the greatness of lopAmudrA. Like
that of manmatha's, lopAmudrA's reading of panchadashAkSharI
mantra is popular and still in use.

Lord hayagrIva instructed both lalitA sahasranAmam and
trishatI to agastya mahaR^iShi. It was through agastya, the
world received these treasures. Hence, both are saluted in
this verse.


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