ADVAITA-L Digest - 4 Jun 1999 to 5 Jun 1999 (#1999-44)

Ravisankar S. Mayavaram msr at COMCO.COM
Thu Jun 10 10:15:12 CDT 1999

Ashish Chandra wrote:

> I came across Ravi's post in soc.religion.hindu. Thought the list might find
> it useful.
> <<<
> I was reading Gary Zukav's "Seat of the Soul" ( not very good
> like his "Dancing Wu Li Masters"). He observes that since soul is
> beyond ( or outside) the concept of time, it experiences all the
> incarnations simultaneously. Hence any spiritual effort in any of the
> incarnations benefits all the other incarnations(that gives me
> enthu to meditate regularly now, in this incarnation!!).
>  This idea doesn't go in hand with our concepts of Sanjitha and
> Prarabdha karma(or at least with my understanding of these terms).
> Can anyone comment on this?
> --

namaste Ashish,

I did not know that the past will come and haunt in the form of archives ;-)).
May be this should
be added  to prArabdha and sa~nchita, as Archive karma!!  Gary Zukav makes many
mistakes in his philosophy and this is one among them. I am able to catch these
mistakes better after three years of training in advaita-L.


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