shrI lalitAtrishatI bhAShyam.h - 4

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vistAritAM bahuvidhAM bahubhiH kR^itAM cha
tIkAM vilokayituM akShatAM janAnAm.h |
tatratya sarva pada yoga viveka bhAnuM
tuShTyai karomi lalitA pada bhakti yogAt.h || 4 ||

There are many extensive commentaries done by various authors on this
text which world has seen before but without complete understanding
(hence unsatisfied). Here I set forth to explain the names of the text
shining the light of vedantic wisdom to explain satisfactorily for
enhancing the bhakti towards shrI lalitAmba.


This completes the four benedictory verses composed by Acharya before
embarking on the commentary.  This work explains the names from a
vedantic stand point as against the tantric basis often adopted in
explaining the sahasranAma and trishatI. Next topic of discussion will
be the pUrva pIThikA of trishatI.


Please feel free point to point out the errors. I am quite unsatisfied
with my understanding of this verse. Especially the term vilokayituM
akShatam. Despite the embarassing exposition of my ignorance, I will
tell you how I understood this. vilokayitum means glanced at or
examined, and akShata is unhusked rice.  This probably will mean the
names were not explained quite to core and left without complete

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