shrI lalitAtrishatI bhAShyam.h - 4

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vistAritAM bahuvidhAM bahubhiH kR^itAM cha
tIkAM vilokayituM akShatAM janAnAm.h |
tatratya sarva pada yoga viveka bhAnuM
tuShTyai karomi lalitA pada bhakti yogAt.h || 4 ||

There are many detailed commentaries done in different ways by many
authors and these have been examined by the world without complete
understanding. Through my devotion to shrI lalitA's feet I present this
commentary for satisfaction and this commentary illuminates like a Sun,
the meaning of every name in the context of the whole text.

-The term vilok means to glance at or examine. The term "akShata" means

unbroken. This indicates that the previous works did not bring out the
meaning clearly penetrating to the essence.

- tatratya means "of that place", "being in that position", i.e, being
in ths position of not having a satifactory commentary explaining the
meaning of the text.

-"sarva pada yoga" denotes that the meaning of individual names are
explained in the context of the whole.

-lalitA pada bhakti yogAt.h means through my devotion to the feet of
shrI lalitA

-The meanings illuminate the names like a Sun of true discrimination
bringing out the real essence. viveka is distinguish the real from the
unreal. These names are prone to tantric interpretation which distort
the true meaning by a short-sighted approach.

-The work is done for the satisfaction (tuShti) of shrI lalitA and also
Her devotees who long to understand this text.


May shrImAtA forgive me for the errors in this translation. May shrI
shankara bestow me the knowledge to proceed correctly, out of his
boundless grace.

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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