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>                                               OM
> We all heard "You control your mind"
> Who is this "you" who can control the mind.  The "you" is jada cant do
> anything.
> Mind has to control itself.    How?
> Practice meditation.   Who does the meditation?  Ofcourse it is the mind.
> I could not find the answer any where.   What are your thoughts?


It is possible only by the grace of God and guru. One has to pray
sincerely to God for guidance and help to attain inner purity.
What you call as "controlling the mind" IMHO is same as attaining
inner purity or chitta shuddhi. Worship is the best way and it
includes meditation also. If there is earnestness in goal, God
will take a form of sadguru (in body) and come to guide us.
Hence, there is no bhedam between one's guru and God. Once one is
blessed with the boon to live under the guidance of a sadguru,
then responsibility is guru's and all one has to do is have
unshakeable faith in the guru and patience to steadfastly follow
the teachings.


"bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam"
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