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>We all heard "You control your mind"
When YOU control YOUR mind, are you aware of the mind as a different
entity? Are you able to perceive yourself apart from the mind?

>Who is this "you" who can control the mind.  The "you" is jada cant do
When you say the YOU is jada, how do you say so? Are you jada? Do you
not experience pain, pleasure, happiness and sorrow?

>Mind has to control itself.    How?
If you say mind has to control itself, then it implies that it's apart
from you. So what is your problem anyway? If the mind wants to control
itself it's its problem!

>Practice meditation.   Who does the meditation?  Ofcourse it is the
Again if it's the mind which does the meditation, what's your concern?

I'm sure I'm frustrating!

The reason is that these are transcendental questions. If you can answer
this then :
1. You would have build a bridge between the vyavahAra and the
2. In doing so you would have contradicted the shruti, which says the
Self is beyond the intellect

Practically, try this :

Take a good hold of your I sense. Try to retain this state - true Self
Consciousness. Invariably your thoughts will wander. But when your
thoughts wander, are you aware of yourself? OK, granted that you
remember that thoughts of the past moment, but are you able to
experience and watch the thoughts as they happen?

If you're aware of yourself when the thoughts run, then you can say that
the thoughts (mind) is apart from YOU. Else ...

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