AchArya and Prophet

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It is more appropriate to call shrI shankara as AchArya than
prophet. There is a beautiful verse in saMskR^itaM which
describes who an AchArya is. I will post that verse in a day or
two. An AchArya establishes the dharma firmly, he follows it and
teaches other to follow the dharma.

shrI shrI chandrasekarendra sarasvatI, late pontiff of kAnchi
maTha remarks that when we say "AchArya" without additional
qualification, it denote shrI shankara bhagavadpAda.  Such is His
greatness and importance.

I dont think it is required to translate the word AchArya. It
can be used as it is.

I have request for shrI Jay (Vivekananda Centre). Please use "I"
instead of "we". And please talk for yourself and not all the
list members.  In the recent mails you have used this construct
and it is objectionable.  To quote an  example in the recent mail
you write

>We are also very impressed that Sri Rama has defended Sri
>Ramakrishna and Swami Vivekananda in the past on some other
>lists. All list members will join me in thanking him for his

Thank you.


"bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam"
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This thread is taking an acrimonious tone. So I request the
members to discontinue the thread.

This list is focussed on advaita vedanta as taught by shrI
shankara. It is not concerned with what other teachers say in the
frame work of non-dualism as philosophy.

Occasional quotes from other teachers like shrI rAmakrishna
paramahaMsa, shrI ramaNa, and other great ones are welcome. But
discussing their teachings alone is not the primary purpose of
this list. For all practical purpose, this list is for discussing
advaita vedanta as taught by shankara.

Specific to this thread, I do not find shrI Jaladhar Vyas's views
on svAmi vivekAnanda offensive. In fact, the follow ups the
thread were more offensive. What shrI Vyas did was to write his
view on the contribution of svAmi vivekAnanda to advaita vedanta.
It may be right or wrong. But I did not find it offensive.

Thank you.



List Adminstrator.


1) Advaita-L is a open, unmoderated list to discuss advaita-vedanta as
taught by shrI shankara. By advaita-vedanta, the tradition established
by shrI shankara and the maThas created to is referred.

2) Even though the major emphasis is on advaita-vedanta taught by shrI
shankara, topics related advaita-vedanta are welcome. Purpose of other
related articles should be to aid the understanding of advaita-vedanta.

3) Articles promoting bhakti within the framework of vedAnta are most
welcome.  The articles should be acceptable to the framework of
advaita-vedanta.  Even though advaita-vedanta holds that liberation
is through AtmajnAnam, bhakti is always emphasized.

4) Items 2 and 3 are vague, as the maintainer of the List, We reserve
the right on acceptability of articles. In the case the articles are
unacceptable, it will be informed in private and resolved in private.

5) Discussion of nAstika traditions and their philosophies are not
allowed. By nAstika traditions,  traditions like buddhism and
jainism are meant . But scholarly articles comparing these traditions with
advaita-vedanta will be accepted. These articles should be sent to
the list administrators and not to the list.

6) Posters should not be disrespectful to towards saints and sages of
other traditions, and should show respect towards each other as well.

7) Administrators of the list reserve the final word on issues like
acceptability of posts. These decisions will be based on the list
scope. In case of doubt, knowledgeable members of the list will be

List Administrators.

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

"bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam"
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