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> Regarding the comments about Sri Jaladharji -- we are
> pleased to hear that he 'does not claim to be an expert
> teacher/exponent or guide of advaita' - but that is Sri
> Rama's views. Does Sri Jaladhariji agree with this?

What I claim is this.  I have studied as extensively as I can the works of
the acharyas and scholars of the Advaita Vedanta parampara and listened
carefully at the feet of as many of the contemporary upholders of that
parampara as I have access to. I have also studied the interpretation of
those works by historians, and critics of rival darshans.  I have also
learned about other branches of Sanskrit sahitya and the traditions of my
Gujarati Brahmana forefathers.  Along with my dharmapatni I put into
practice the appropriate parts of what I've learned and help other people

I am therefore quite confident of my ability to make an informed opinion
on the qualities good or bad of people claiming to be Advaita Vedantins.

Whether or not anyone chooses to agree with my opinions is another matter
entirely, one which depends in part on the depth (or lack thereof) of
their understanding of the subject.

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"bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam"
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