Practical Vedanta

Ramakrishnan Balasubramanian ramakris at EROLS.COM
Sun May 9 20:20:55 CDT 1999

 Sunder Hattangadi <gourish at INTERNET1.NET> wrote:

>>This is exactly what I said. There is NOTHING called intellectual
>>grasp of vedAnta. Such a thing does not exist.
>I beg to differ. As long as language is used intellect has to be
>If one is so advanced that mere initiation by silence (shaambhavii
>is possible , and the disciple LIVES the life of a Vedantin, then
>use of intellect is superfluous.

That is exactly my point. So, we have to necessarily be careful about
using the word vedAnta. We wouldn't claim the moon is made of green
cheese just because the moon is sublated in the ultimate sense, would
we? Without using the intellect vedAntaviGYana is also not possible,
shravaNa, manana necessarily entail the use of intellect. That however
is not "intellectual understanding" of vedAnta. There is no such


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