Practical Vedanta

msrao at MTU.EDU msrao at MTU.EDU
Mon May 10 00:10:54 CDT 1999

>That is exactly my point. So, we have to necessarily be careful about
>using the word vedAnta. We wouldn't claim the moon is made of green
>cheese just because the moon is sublated in the ultimate sense, would
>we? Without using the intellect vedAntaviGYana is also not possible,
>shravaNa, manana necessarily entail the use of intellect. That however
>is not "intellectual understanding" of vedAnta. There is no such >thing.
> >Rama

Though realisation is beyond the realms of intellect, I feel for people
who are new to the path, there is a need for intellectual understanding,
atleast in the beginning.

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