Ravi msr at COMCO.COM
Thu May 13 09:27:20 CDT 1999

Anand thanks for your nice reply. And thanks to Sunder too
for pointing out that our purpose is to please the Lord. If
we get the conviction "vAsudeva sarvamiti" then speech will
become pleasant and truthful.

Like water purifies the body (taking bath), being truthful
purifies the mind. From my personal experience, I find when
I am not truthful to myself and fall into the claws of
hypocrisy, I find that God moves far away from me and I feel
ashamed even to look at HER picure. Yet, I sin. Such is the
strength vAsanas. In that position, one can only pray

na jnAyate ma hitaM nitarAm upAyo
dIno.asmi devI samayAcharaNAkShamo.asmi |
tat.h tvAM ananya sharaNaH  sharaNaM prapadye
mInAkShI vishva jananIM  jananI mamaiva ||

( I do not know what is good for me and the means to achieve
it. I am such pitiable position and I do not have the inner
strength to follow the shAstra-s. I surrender to you and
none else, O mInAkShI, Mother of the Universe, my own
Mother, have mercy on me)

For my remedy, I dont think I can ask "Who am I", such a
enquiry is for advanced and pure beings. For me worshipping
God is the simplest and easiest way to resolve the inner
conflict. A society suffers only when inviduals in the
society suffer from inner-conflict. The remedy is the one
has to purify himself. I think satyam is the most vital
thing in providing peace and harmony for oneself and the


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