Srinivas Sista sista at ECN.PURDUE.EDU
Thu May 13 11:21:04 CDT 1999

> For my remedy, I dont think I can ask "Who am I", such a
> enquiry is for advanced and pure beings. For me worshipping
> God is the simplest and easiest way to resolve the inner
> conflict. A society suffers only when inviduals in the
> society suffer from inner-conflict. The remedy is the one
> has to purify himself. I think satyam is the most vital
> thing in providing peace and harmony for oneself and the
> world.
> Ravi

Here is a suggestion. Ask, "who is it that thinks that he/she cannot
ask the question `who am I' and is not an advanced and a pure being"?
The reason why I am suggesting it is, there seems to be a wide spread
opinion that enquiry should be `asking the question who am i' and that
is only for advanced and pure beings. Since the objective is to move
away from questions and be aware of the questioner, any question that
leads to this awareness is an expedient. Enquiry using lower order
questions leads to the final question "Who am I".


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