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Fri May 14 14:07:24 CDT 1999

>Both Shankara and MadhusudAna very clearly say that one cannot be
>engaged in both karmayoga and jnAnayoga at the same time. But at the
>same time, nowhere do they say that one who is engaged in karmayoga
>must never discuss or listen/read about jnAna.

But why must it be interpreted this way?

Karma is action. JnAna is cessation of karma ie action.

When you sit in meditation, abiding in yourself, one without a second, then
you're practicing jnAna yoga.

But if you're not a samnyAsin and cannot sit in meditation the whole day and
have to attend to secular duties, then karma is inevitable. When you perform
duties without any attachment, then it is karma yoga.

It is thus, Karma and jnAna cannot be practiced together. And the reasons
are obvious.

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