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        My name is Sankaran Panchapagesan and my family friends usually
call me Ganesh. I am doing my M.S. in EE at UCLA since Fall 1998.  I was
introduced to advaita by my brother S.Jayanarayanan alias Kartik who
was(is?) a member of Advaita-L and he taught me the basics of advaita
according to the teachings of Sri Sankaracharya, Ramana Maharishi, etc.
It was also Kartik who told me about Advaita-L, and through him I have
also met a couple of members of the list, Vidyasankar and Ramakrishnan
Balasubrahmanian. I have been reading the archives of the mailing list for
the past year or so, and I have learned a lot from it.

About my religious background:

        Our family considers the Sringeri Sankaracharya as its guru. My
father mainly is responsible for inculcating a basic interest in religion,
by teaching us various religious Slokas, songs, stories from the Ramayana
and mahabharata, etc. I also learnt some basic vedic hymns and upanishads
from a Guru.
        For the past few months I have derived great inspiration by
reading the translations of "The Principal Upanishads" (by
S.Radhakrishnan), the Bhagavat Gita with Sankaracharya's commentary, and
the Mahabharata (by van Buitenen). I have always been interested in all
religions and revere the great religious leaders of other religions, like
Buddha, Mahavira, Jesus, etc. and also read about them.
        I know I will gain a lot from future discussions on the list, as I
have from past ones in the archives, and I hope to get my doubts clarified
by the members of the list.


> bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam


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