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On May 17, 1999 wrote,

>This is a canard but it is pointless to argue about it with you.  The
>pessimist will always see things in the worst possible light and the
>optimist will always see things for the best.  Personally, based on what
>Giri said and my own experiences in Gujarat and here in America, I incline
>towards optimism.  Your mileage may vary.

>I'm running a mailing list and a website, studying Sanskrit, and doing
>puja every day.  What are YOU doing?  Ok that's not fair, I know you asked
>about Rshi-Munis and neither of us qualify for that rank.  The point I'm
>trying to make is that there is so much that we can do with whatever
>es are at hand so why wait around for Rshi-Munis to tell us what to

>What are YOU doing?

What do you know My Dear young man( I understand from your previous posting
you are 28 years old) about my personal life and its optimism? I can only say
that I have lived my 48 years with highest level of, truth, integrity and
honesty in my personal life and how much spiritual benefit and satisfaction I
have gained, there is no need for me to state all that.  Is looking at the
dark side of one's own self, analysing it, understanding it  is pessimism?
Why are you afraid of that? One will  be able to remove darkness of one's own
self and as well of the society  not by escaping and putting a lid on it, but
facing it head on.
 Well as a list organizer, since, you feel  uncomfortable, looking at the
dark side of the life as described in my postings, I have no intentions of
inflicting it on any one, henceforth, I propose to remain silent with my
this last posting after conveying my dreams of optimism. You have the choice
of circulating it or blocking it.

Dear List members,

I have a dream. On every working day I cross the River Yamuna atleast twice,
in the morning and evening. It is one of the sacred River. On its banks at
Vrindavan Lord Krishna played Flute. Every day We Hindus while taking bath
chant and remember these holy rivers. For the shortcut journey I cross it
from a boat bridge. I have to close the windowpanes of my car, because of the
stink. Yes the river Yamuna stinks. In Delhi, today it is nothing but a
sewage drain. The river that is sacred, the river that is part of our
religious practices. The river that is as sacred as temple, is today nothing
but a sewage drain in Delhi.

I have a dream, Delhi has today a population of about 1 crore (10 Millions)
and most of it is Hindus. but still the river Yamuna is nothing but a sewage
drain. Who is to be blamed? I donot know? I am in search of answers. Can it
be restored to its original glory? yes I have a dream. it is possible. We
don't have any data but I believe there may not be less than 10000 religious
institutions or temples in Delhi, where prayers are held  in the morning and
evening. If our present religious order, the religious leadership wakeup to
this ( which I term as Practical) need and make the devotees aware of the
need and necessity to restore Yamuna to its original glory. Awakens the
devotees to the danger of extinction of the river Yamuna as a threat to
religion which should not be tolerated. Gradually the public opinion will
build up, No government or the society worth its name will be able to ignore
it.  I am optimist, sooner than later, it will happen. It can be restored to
its original glory. This activity of awakening the devotees by the religious
leadership,  I hope will be not out of the scope of religious practices which
we Hindus observe in our daily life. But the leadership itself has to wake up
first,  on the other hand, Please be ready. Even Gangotri Glacier is receding
and in few centuries hence, both Ganga and Yamuna will be part of history
like river Saraswati.

I have many more of such  dreams. River Yamuna is a small example  there are
many more things which are threat to our religion, social and moral life. we
can set right all that if our current religious leadership is awakened to its
own potential.

>What are YOU doing? I have been questioned by the list organiser.  I am most
humbly trying to ring the bells very loudly to awaken my religious leadership
to such dangers and its own potential to set it right. This I consider to be
one of my present day Dharma. Moksha I repeat is for me a far off
destination. we may live or die. I have full faith Some day another Shankra
will arrive to take upon itself the task once again delivering us from our
own ignorance.   Henceforth , I propose to remain silent on the List as
stated above.

Aum Shanti.



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