karma yoga

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Shridharacharya sees this shloka as a continuation of the previous one.

>From his Subodhini tika (which is commentary on BG itself not the

Api chediti| sarvebhyah papakaaribhyo yadyapyatishayena paapakarii tvamasi
tathaapi sarvam paapasamudram jnaanayogenaiva samyaganaayaasena tarishyati ||

Swami Madhusudana Saraswati's Gudharthadipika is also original
not a commentary on Shankarabhashya.  I have that too but couldn't find it
before I had to leave for work.

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On Wed, 19 May 1999, Sunder Hattangadi wrote:

> CORRECTION: The verse referenced should be 4:36, and NOT 4:33.
> The line is : sarva.n GYaanaplavenaiva vR^ijina.n santarishhyasi .
> (The tr. of part of the bhashya reads: "For one who seeks liberation, even
> dharma proves to be a sin.")
> I apologise for the wrong reference previously given.
> (In case the previous message gets lost,: I would like to have someone post
> the original sanskrit bhashya on this verse, and any other commentaries on
> the bhashya, if available.)
> Thank you in advance.
> Sunder

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