Practical Vedanta

Sankaran Panchapagesan panchap at ICSL.UCLA.EDU
Thu May 20 20:50:15 CDT 1999

> realize the importance of shruti and/or smR^iti. They think it's
> subservient to reasoning. In certain cases that's true, but not in the
> topic we are discussing, viz, dharma. Please read your mail again and
> see why I got the impression that you were trying to downplay smR^iti.
> If you can't find out, send me mail and I'll let you know.

  I understand now the importance of scripture on the list. I realize that
my e-mail was based only on hearsay and opinion and tended to contradict
scripture. I now know that I was mis-/under-informed on several issues,
and had misunderstood some of the other e-mails. (I understand my views on
buddhist ideas about caste, etc. were sort-of attempting to downplay
smRti, etc.).

        I also apologize to Vaidya Sundaram for not understanding
correctly what he said, and also to other list-members for assuming
(seemingly)  whether one was or was not doing his/her dharma.


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