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Vaidya Sundaram shambho at GEOCITIES.COM
Fri May 21 13:05:07 CDT 1999

>         I also apologize to Vaidya Sundaram for not understanding
> correctly what he said, and also to other list-members for assuming
> (seemingly)  whether one was or was not doing his/her dharma.


pleaszzzz . we all learn in this list. Period. No one (at least in my
opinion) needs to apologize to any one else. What we write in this list is
not to be taken lightly, and as such carries the weight of conviction each
one of us has at the point of time. So, if we are wrong - we are worng. We
do our best to take the argument constructively, without taking sides. While
it may sound lofty, I have been meaning to say this for some time, I am
simply amazed at the level of decorum list members have maintained, as
opposed to some other lists on the web. Sure, there are a few hiccups, but
hey ...!! I think it is a special credit to Ravi who set the tone when he
was the sole administrator. I will not ask "All those who have Aye's, reply
to Ravi", for with the size of the list, the Aye's would simply overwhelm
Ravi's mailbox :-)

 And  I am also sure new members would also appreciate (the old ones already
do!!) the hard work Jaldhar had to put in to move our list to the present
site and set it up on his machine.

bhava shankara desikame sharaNam.

sa cha nityaM prashaantaatmaa mR^idupuurvaM tu bhaashhate |
uchyamaano.api parushhaM nottaraM pratipadyate || 2-1-10 (Ramayana)

saH = that Rama, nityam = always, prashaantaatmaa = with a peaceful mind,
bhaashhate = talked, mR^idupuurvakaM = softly, uttaram na prapadyate = he
did not respond to, parushhaM =  hard words, uchyamaanaha api = spoken by

That Rama was forever peaceful in mind and spoke softly. He did not react to
the hard words spoken by others.

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