New member Introduction: Sri Prashant Godrehal

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Dear Sir.,

  My name is Prashanth and I am software Engineer working in Motorola India
  Electronics Ltd, Bangalore.I am firm believer of Hindu religion and I am
immensly influence by the teachings of Adi Shankara, RamaKrishna Paramahamsa,
  and Vivekananda. Eventhough I am a vaishnava and our family is firm fallower
of of MadvaCharya I am influence by Advaitha more.

  I have not gone through much of the techings of Adi Shankara,but I have
studied many lectures on Advaitha given by Swamy VivekandaNanda. From his
lectures I could make out that Advaitha says that we have to believe in ourself
  as if we are God. There is no difference between God and man. This is basic
phylosophy of Advaitha I know.Advaitha is more derived from vedas and upanishads
and it explains the vedhanta in a Adi Shankara's view.

  For the present Indian youth I feel everyone should follow Advaitha, so that
we can develop the self confidence to extent of what ShankaraCharyA says and I
am sure this country will prosper within no time.

  This is what I feel I know about Advaitha. I am sure there are lot of mistakes
in this. But I am still beginner in this and Advaitha is like ocean . So do
pardon me if any mistakes are there and allow me to share the knowledge of this
great philosophy with the other members.

  Hari Om.,

  Prashanth G

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