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3: vaShatkAraH - He, in respect of whom vaShat.h is performed in
yaj~nas.  vaShat.h is an exclamation uttered by the (hotr) priest in a
yaj~na at the end of a sacrificial verse, hearing which the adhvaryu
priest casts the oblation for the deity in the fire.  As vaShat.h thus
invariably precedes the oblation, which is the chief rite of a yaj~na,
yaj~na itself can be called as the vaShat- kAra.h.  And yaj~na is
identified as viShNu in the vedic passage: yaj~no vai viShNu.h (Tai.
Sam. 1.7.4)

4: bhUta-bhavya-bhavat-prabhu.h - The master of the past, future and the
present.  As he is beyond the sway of time in its three aspects, He is
eternal being, and thus His majesty is undecaying.  He is therefore the
real prabhu - the lord.


>From Translation and commentary of Sri SankarAcArya. Translated by
Swami Tapasyananda.


In the meaning for the 3rd name, what is adhvaryu? - is that spelt
right?  Can someone knowledgeable reply?


bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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