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On Mon, 1 Nov 1999, Savithri Devaraj wrote:

> In the meaning for the 3rd name, what is adhvaryu? - is that spelt
> right?  Can someone knowledgeable reply?

In the Vedic shrauta yagnas there are four main priests.  The Hotr belongs
to the Rgveda.  He chants the mantras along with the vashatkara svahakara
etc.  The Adhvaryu belongs to the Yajurveda.  He actually makes the
oblations.  The Udgatr belongs to the Samaveda.  He chants the samans (Rks
set to musical tunes) at appropriate moments.  Lastly the Brahman belongs
to the Atharvaveda or any Veda and he is responsible for supervising the
other three and making sure they make no mistakes.

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