gaayatrii raamaayaNa

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Sri RamayaNa mahAkAvyam consist of 24 thousand shlokas for 24 letters in the
gAyatrI mantra. Every 1000th shloka starts with the corresponding gayarti
For example the first shloka of the epic begins with 'ta' the first akshara
of gAyatrI,

tapaHsvAdhyAyanirata.n tapasvI vAgvidA.n varam .
nAradaM paripaprachchha vAlmIkirmunipu~Ngavam ..

Anand pointed out this in his first post on the vedic ramayaNa,

>For this reason, vAlmIki bases the twenty-four thousand verses of >the
>rAmAyaNa on the twenty-four akshhara's (syllables) of the >gAyatrI mantra
>(of the Vedas).

I will try to post the smArta ramayaNa pArAyaNa kraman with gayatrI


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>Subject: gaayatrii raamaayaNa
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>Dear All:
>Yesterday I got a chance to listen to gaayatrii raamayaaNa rendered by
>shrii M. Balamuralikrishna. It has 24 verses and one phala shruti. I
>noticed the first letter of the verses corresponded to the syllables in
>the gaayatrii mantra. Is this a selection from vaalmiki raamaayaNa. Can
>someone write more details about this.
>Recently in one of messages, Anand Hudli pointed out the importance of
>gaayatri mantra and cited that it is the essence of veda-s. Thanks for
>those very reassuring words.
>AUM raamaaya namaH
>AUM raamachandraaya namaH
>AUM raamabhadraaya namaH
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>bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam
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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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