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Hari Om,

The paaraayana of this Gayathri Raamaayana everyday is believed to destroy all
the sins that one has committed. Its daily recitation is equivalent in effect to
the recitation of Valmiki's Raamaayana everyday. Infact this was one of the
stotras that my Guruji recommended to me to learn in addition to one "
Ahalyaakrita Raama stotra " which forms the 5th sarga in the Baalakaanda of
Adhyaatma Raamaayana. To this day I have been reciting both of them daily and I
find them truly efficacious in purifying the mind.

One more shloka on the efficacy of Raamanaama comes to my mind. It runs like
this :
( Kindly excuse my spelling of transliteration. I seem to combine Itrans form
with my own form which may confuse some of you !)

kalyaanaanaam nidhaanam  kalimalamathanam paavanam paavanaanaam
patheyam yanmumuksho sapadi parapada praapthaye prasthithasyaa
vishraamasthaanameekam kavivara vachasaam jiivanam sajjanaanaam
biijam dharmadhrumasya prabhavathu bhavathaam bhuuthayee raamanaama.

raamanaamais a treasure house of all auspicious things. It churns out the evils
of this kaliyuga. It maintains the purity of pure things. It is like provisions
carried by a traveller who starts with the destination of reaching the
paramapada. It is the only resting place of all the words uttered by the best of
the poets ( even the best of the poets fail to describe the beauty of raamanaama
). It is the very life of the noble people. It is the seed of the tree called
dharma. May such a raamanaama become the cause of your progress.

Happy Raamanavami celebrations !

aapadaam apahartaaram daataaram sarva sampadaam ,  lokaabhiraamam sriraamam
bhuyo bhuyo namaamyaham.

sri raama jaya raama jaya jaya raama.

Hari Om,
Latha Vidyaranya

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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