New Member introduction: Shridhar

Jaldhar H. Vyas jaldhar at BRAINCELLS.COM
Mon Apr 17 14:46:49 CDT 2000

Thank you for inviting me to join Advaita-L. I was out of town for a while,
hence the delay in sending in a self-introduction.

I am Sridhar, 40, a Bangalore-born Indian, by profession a doctor - residing
in Gujarat. My interest in Advaita Vedanta goes back to the time it was
introduced to me by my father (who was deeply devoted to Sri Shankara) when
I was hardly more than a child. The interest lingers because Advaita
proffers a plausible explanation for creation, and more. As such, all
philosophies and fields that seriously tackle the question "Who am I?" or
'What is the meaning of creation and life?" attract my attention. I am as
intrigued and fascinated by the growing understanding of these questions
through science as by the insight provided by Advaita Vedanta, and I am
inclined to search for areas where these two great processes converge and
diverge (I do hope this nAstika interest does not disqualify me from this
list). I am deeply bothered by the apparent decline and stagnation of the
development of philosohpical thought in India, and one of my long term
interests lies in discovering explanations for this phenomenon. I am also
intrigued by the relationship between this world and the yonder (if such
exists), and the philosophical explanations for this. Finally, I am just an
ordinary human, prone to all doubts, pains and pleasures as anyone else. I
am married and have a daughter and a son.

My knowledge of Sanskrit is limited and I am not sure what I will be able to
contribute, but I certainly hope to learn from my co-travellers on this
path. I also hope to learn the rules of debate on this network as we go
along. I guess I will just observe for a while.

If you need more details, please ask.

(PS: I am glad there is place for Bhakti here)

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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