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On Sun, 16 Apr 2000, nanda chandran wrote:

> With reference to the recent discussion about the antogonism exhibited
> towards Atvaita by followers of bhakti mArga, I would like to point out
> something.
> The source of the antogonism towards Advaita by bhakti followers stems from
> the belief that Advaita teaches the man is god. Since Advaita teaches that
> the Atman is the same and non-dual with Brahman, it seems to support such a
> belief. But is the Atman the same as the empirical Self - we in relation to
> our normal life?

That's the part they miss.  When we say the Self is Brahman it doesn't
mean the self (small-s) _only_ is Brahman.  And when we says the forms
such as Vishnu Bhagawan are not Brahman all we mean is that they aren't
_only_ Brahman.  I'm corresponding with a Harekrishna and this is the
point I'm trying to get across to him.  That he is placing a boundary on
one side is God and another side is not-God thus he is putting limits on

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