Absolutism and Relativism in Advaita

Vivek Anand Ganesan v_ganesan at YAHOO.COM
Mon Apr 17 17:25:10 CDT 2000

  Many thanks to ShrI Malhotra, ShrI Nanda Chandran and to
ShrI Swaminarayan for their replies.  I apologize for the
rather late response.  I kindly request an additional
clarification :

  a)  Upon the Advaitic realization, all conflict is put to
      rest.  So, this "knowledge" would subsume all
      ( including the various "philosophies" ).

  b)  Until the realization dawns, there is the perception
      of difference.  Hence, at this level, Advaita as a
       philosophy is distinct ( "opposed" was an
       inappropriate term ) from other philosophies.

  c)  The **correct** understanding of scripture is
      essential to progress in the path of realization.

Using these three criteria, I concluded that Advaita is a
philosophy that is in contra-distinction ( not necessarily
"opposed" ) to Dvaita and VishishTadvaita.  What confuses
is that even Advaitins claim that Dvaita and
can be "reconciled" within Advaita.  But, at what level?
If it is before the realization then Advaita is distinct
from Dvatia and VishishTadvaita.  If it is after the
realization then Advaita has been "confirmed".  Where is
need for reconciliation?  Is this a valid question or am I
just shooting in the wind?



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