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bodho.anyasaadhanebhyo hi saakshaanmokshaikasaadhanam.h
paakasya vaanhivajGYaanaM vinaa moksho na sidhyati || 2 ||

bodha.h - knowledge
anya - other
saadhanebhyo - with (help of) instrument
hi - really
saakshaan - in person (form)
moksha - knowledge of Brahman
ek - one
saadhanam.h - is the instrument
paakasya - of cooking
vaanhi - fire
vajGYaanaM - knowledge of lighting (?)
vinaa - without
moksho - knowledge of Brahman (is)
na - not
sidhyati - attained

Translation :

(Just like) without the knowledge of lighting a fire, cooking is not
possible, (similarly) the knowledge of moksha is really attained with the
personal experiencing of Brahman.

Note : Please point out any mistakes since this is my own attempt at making
sense of the words.

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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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