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As Ravi mentioned I have started encoding the original viShNu sahasranAma
bhaaShya of shrii shankara. I have typed up some 30 pages of the original
document. I will be posting this in some 4-5 installments, and continue to
post it as and when I have some significant amount.

It would be good if someone proof reads it and it is stored somewhere on the
web as one document. Since I started this a while ago, the first posts
might have more errors as I was new to the ITRANS encoding scheme. Please
excuse my mistakes.

It will also be nice if someone else can attempt to present the english
translation of the same, before saving it as one document on the web. My
translation will be very crude and I don't know the meaning of all the

Dear Savitriji,

Could you post me with some infoermation about the ITRAN Coding Scheme you are using in your present endevour to encode Shri Shankara's Bhashya please?



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