Balarama vs. Buddha (was Re: avatAra of Adishesha ?)

Vivek Anand Ganesan v_ganesan at YAHOO.COM
Wed Apr 26 15:07:27 CDT 2000

--- ShrI Ashish Chandra wrote:
> I had posted a few
> days back in "Importance of Puranas in the Advaita
> tradition", when Vishnu
> bhagavan has 10 avataars, when exactly was Buddha added
> (possibly replacing
> Balaram)?

  I posed the same question to ( i.e. Is Buddha an Avatar
of VishNu? ) to a VaishNavite priest in Memphis, TN and to
a VaishNavite scholar independently.  They both said that
most "main-stream" VaishNavas do not consider the Buddha to
be an avatar of VishNu.  However, ISKCON does espouse the
"rogue" avatar theory ( i.e. Buddha is a "rogue" avatar who
temporarily misled people from the vedas as a form of
"shock" therapy to awaken them to the "true" meaning etc.

  Incidentally, that was the first time that I had heard of
Buddha being an avatar of VishNu. Also, VHP ( and the Sangh
Parivar organizations ) also believe in the "rogue" avatar
theory.  It is mentioned in their calendars.


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