Balarama vs. Buddha (was Re: avatAra of Adishesha ?)

Raghavendra Hebbalalu hs_raghavendra at YAHOO.COM
Wed Apr 26 16:35:56 CDT 2000

I remember reading somewhere that Buddha was added to
the list of Lord VishNu's avatAras during the Gupta
Age. The rogue avatAra concept of buddha may have been
after that. buddha, just like the mohini avatAra,
deluded the asuras from the mainstream of Vedic
religion. There is a discussion on this in the
maadhaviiya-shankara digvijaya, before Lord shiva's
advent as shrii shankara.


--- Vivek Anand Ganesan <v_ganesan at YAHOO.COM> wrote:
> --- ShrI Ashish Chandra wrote:
> > I had posted a few
> > days back in "Importance of Puranas in the Advaita
> > tradition", when Vishnu
> > bhagavan has 10 avataars, when exactly was Buddha
> added
> > (possibly replacing
> > Balaram)?
>   I posed the same question to ( i.e. Is Buddha an
> Avatar
> of VishNu? ) to a VaishNavite priest in Memphis, TN
> and to
> a VaishNavite scholar independently.  They both said
> that
> most "main-stream" VaishNavas do not consider the
> Buddha to
> be an avatar of VishNu.  However, ISKCON does
> espouse the
> "rogue" avatar theory ( i.e. Buddha is a "rogue"
> avatar who
> temporarily misled people from the vedas as a form
> of
> "shock" therapy to awaken them to the "true" meaning
> etc.
> ).
>   Incidentally, that was the first time that I had
> heard of
> Buddha being an avatar of VishNu. Also, VHP ( and
> the Sangh
> Parivar organizations ) also believe in the "rogue"
> avatar
> theory.  It is mentioned in their calendars.
> -Vivek.

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