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tvamevaasi daiva.m para.m me yadeka.m
      suchaitanyametattvadanya.m na manye |
yato.abhuudameya.m viyadvaayutejo-
       jalorvyaadikaarya.m chara.m chaachara.m cha ||
|| 11 ||

tvam-eva-asi : You are indeed,
para.m daiva.m : the Supreme God,
me : my,
yat-ekam : who is One,
ameya.m : the Boundless One or the Unknowable one ,
suchaitanyam-etat : this undifferentiated
tvad-anyam : Other than you,
na manye : I do not regard (any one else),
yato-abhuut : from where came to being,
viyat-vaayu-tejo-jala-urvyaadi-kaarya.m :
              the Cause of
Ether(space),Air,Light,Water and Earth,
chara.m : the mobile,
cha.acharam : and the immobile.

You are indeed my Supreme God. You are
Undifferentiated Consciousness,from which have arisen
the five primordial elements of Space,Air,Light,Water
and Earth, as well as the mobile and immobile objects
of the Universe. I do not regard anybody other than
You as God.

Though brahman does not physically create the five
elements, it is in brahman that the entire creation is
seen. Brahman, being knowledge Itself, is the
comprehensor and the comprehended. Brahman has been
described in the shrii lalitaa sahasranaama as
'j~naana-j~naatR^i-j~neya-ruupaa', of the form of
knowledge, the knower and the known.

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