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dashagriivamugra.m saputra.m samitra.m
       sariddurgamadhyastharakshogaNesham |
bhavanta.m vinaa raama viiro naro vaa-
       .asuro vaa.amaro vaa jayetkastrilokyaam || 19 ||

raama : O shrii raama,
dashagriivamugram : the fearsome ten-faced-one (Ravana)
saputram : with his sons,
samitram : and friends,
sarid-durga-madhyastha-rakshogaNesham : who was the leader of the
             rakshasas in the fortress in the middle of the ocean,
bhavanta.m vinaa : Apart from You,
kaH viiro : who is the brave one,
trilokyaam : in the three worlds,
jayet : (who) could have won,
naro vaa : be it a man,
asuro vaa : or an asura
amaro vaa : or a deva.

raavaNa, the fearsome ten-headed-one,  was the king of the raakshasas
in the strong fortress protected by the ocean. He had able support in
his powerful sons and friends.O raama, by which other brave one, be it
a man, a deva or an asura, could such an enemy, be defeated ?

The awesome battle-prowess of shrii raama is praised here.

Corrections are welcome.


bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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