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namaste to you all!

For some months I have been reading the postings on the  advaita list, and
I´m very impressed by all the learned articles and comments  available
here! Some of the list-contributors are familiar to me now -  after all, I
have been taking part of your views and arguments almost  everyday since
early springtime this year - so I almost feel like I know you in  person!
   My name is Stig Lundgren. I´m 34 years old and I  live in Stockholm,
Sweden. I´m a scholar and teacher at the department of the  History of
Ideas, Stockholm university. My main topic as a scholar is 19th  century
idealistic philosophy, and I´m working on a book on the  swedish thinker
Carl Yngve Sahlin (1824-1917).
   However, it is advaita vedanta that occupies my  mind most of the time!
My main interest is the "early" vedanta of Gaudapada,  Sankara and
Suresvara. Among more contemporary vedantins I am  particularly interested
in the brilliant writings of Swami  Satchidanandendra Saraswati
(1880-1975), who also is the founder of Adhyatma  Prakasa Karyalaya in
   I think the Advaita Vedanta Home Page  maintained by Vidyasankar
Sundaresan is great. Since there  are quite a few more or less
"neo-vedantic" sites on the internet, this  traditional vedanta site really
is important for information on the teachings of  Sankara and the dasanami
tradition. Jaya Jaya  Sankara!!

Very best wishes

Stig Lundgren

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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