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Dear Vaidya,
I have read the list policies and they are OK with me.
Here is a little more information for you.
Having met a Dr Gopinath Kaviraj in Banaras in 1965 I
was then introduced to Anandamayee Ma. It was only
recently, about five years ago, that I realised just
how fortunate I had been.
Ma gave me instructions to find a system of meditation
in the West. If this was not possible I had to return
to Banaras to study there at the university.
I did find the system of meditation in England and
this lead to a contact with Sri Shantanand
Saraswati...not with TM by the way....and advaita.
I fulfilled a career as a Maths and Science teacher
before beginning more serious studies of Sanskrit
after retirement from the classroom. I still do some
teaching in universities etc.  These studies, and a
search for the devotional element in advaita...I feel
that Shankara is being mistaught in many places in the
UK.....lead to various ashrams in India. A clear path
was being opened up which culminated in my return to
Banaras Hindu University in March of this year. There
I spent a wonderful time with Sanskrit scholars and a
Dr Tripathi who is also interested in the Siva Sutras
which I too have been looking at.  Apparently Dr
Kaviraj was of the opinion that they conform to
Shankara's teachings so I have some research to do in
this.  It seems as though there is a purpose in all
this but I know not what.
I also chair conferences and lectures in London of the
Alister Hardy Society which looks at 'religious
experiences' from a multi-disciplinary viewpoint. He
was a scientist...Nobel prize winner...who felt that
the experiences of 'unity and light' that many people
have should be properly studied.
So, that is a brief intro.
Thank you for your speedy reply.
Peace and Happiness
Ken Knight

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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