Krishna Janmashtami

S. V. Subrahmanian svs_shankara at HOTMAIL.COM
Fri Aug 25 05:02:18 CDT 2000

>  There are different rules followed by different traditions in
>  determining the janmAShTamI. According to some, there are two
>  vratas, actually nityakarmas. One is based on the prevalence of
>  the aShTamI tithi at midnight (nishItha-kAla). The other requires
>  the rohiNI-naxatra at midnight.

I was under the impression that for people who are alive naxatra is used
for determining the date of celebration.  But for departed people, tithi is
used.  [Ofcourse one could argue if Krishna really departed...].  For eg.,
Rama Navami is celebrated only on the navami.  I don't know if an
date exists for Shri Rama also.   By the way how is Shri Shankara's Jayanti
celebrated, naxatra or thithi ?

[I also saw some confusion this year with regards to Hanuman Jayanti too.]

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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