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> There are different traditions in the north and the south regarding Hanuman
> Jayanti. It all depends on the local calendar that people use.

It also depends on the Sampradaya too.  The problem is the calander we
usually use these days is based on the cycles of both the Sun and the
Moon.  A Solar year is 365.25 days whereas 12 lunar months come up to just
over 354 days.  Therefore sometimes a tithi only lasts for part of a day
in which case it is skipped (kshaya) and sometime it stretches over two
days (vrddha.)  And  occasionally a "leap"(adhika) month has to be added.

In the case of an utsava fallng on a kshaya tithi, Smartas selebrate it on
the tithi before while Vaishnavas celebrate it the day after.  For
example the mandir I go to which follows Vallabha sampradaya celebrated
this last ekadashi on Saturday (Shravana Krishna 12)  while I celebrated
it on Friday (Shravana Krishna 10.) If an utsava falls on a vrddha tithi
Smartas celebrate it on the first day whereas Vaishnavas celebrate on the

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